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Healthy Food

Looking for Great Products & Services?

These are great products and local services I love.

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Fresh Food

Fresh Harvest

Fresh Harvest delivers local organic produce and products directly to your door. I do almost all of my grocery shopping through Fresh Harvest, and feel great about it because I am supporting local. Use this link for a discount on your first basket. 

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Wild Mushrooms


A few years ago I found out I had a high sensitivity to coffee and had to transition away from drinking it on a regular basis. I heard about mushroom powder and knowing the benefits of mushrooms, I tried a few different brands. I Love Mud\Wtr, try it out with my code below!

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Wild Mushrooms
Colorful Fruits


I've always been a fan of smoothies and smoothie bowls. It's hard to find    a protein powder or meal replacement powder that really lives up to it's claims. Ka'chava is one of the cleanest  I have found, plus it's absolutely delicious. I can drink it alone with water or alternative milk. Message    me your e-mail address for $15           off your first order.

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Whoop Strap

The Whoop Strap is an all inclusive sleep tracker and coach, fitness coach and heart rate monitor. It has bonus features that help you decide how hard your workout should be that day, and tell you how you recovered in your sleep. It learns your body over time and makes suggestions to improve your rest and fitness. If you are interested in trying the strap, get a free strap and month by using this link! 
Click here for a Free Whoop
Strap & First Month!

Fitness Group
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