Personal Consultation

The key to health is understanding what your individual body needs. In a personal consultation, Mallory works one on one to uncover the recipe to your health. Chronic illness, weight management and allergies/ intolerances may be addressed to find balance.

Vegetable Basket

Pantry Makeover

Are you at a loss for where to begin a healthier lifestyle? A great place to start is your kitchen. Invite Mallory into your pantry and refrigerator and take a grocery shopping trip with her so she can assist you in the first phase of your health journey. This service also includes a consultation.

Group Education

Whether in a corporate setting, a school group, a summer program or just a group of friends, Mallory can provide specialized nutrition education.

Group Meeting
Fresh Salad

Meal Prep

Do you have a busy season? This option is perfect for you. Mallory will come to your home and prepare meals for you to be stored for later use. This service will be completely customized to your personal needs, but one thing is for sure- you will have healthy fresh meals!